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Sustainable, disposable menstrual pads for 1 period. Soft, highly absorbent, and made from materials that are kind to our Earth - what's not to love?


Your Combo Pack comes with:

☀️ 10 Day Pads

🌙 5 Night Pads


Earth-friendly features:

🌱 Biodegradable

🌱 93% plant-based

🌱 Disposable


Stay protected and comfortable in pads that are ultra-soft and made without harmful chemicals. Ruth pads are designed to be:

🌟 Winged (catching all those side leaks!)

🌟 Suitable for heavy flow 

🌟 Rash + irritation-free

🌟 Super comfortable

🌟 Worn for 6-8 hours


    Our combo-pack comes with 10 days pads and 5 night pads - perfect for a one-month supply! These disposable pads are your perfect sustainable period companion whether you’re on the go, traveling to school, or work. Keep a few pads in your bag or washroom to share in case a friend needs one :)


    Questions? Checkout our FAQ page.

    Combo Pack Menstrual Pads

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