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Recycling Programs

Below is an inventory of recycling programs available in Alberta. For an inventory of Canadian programs, please click here.

Beverage Containers


Electronic and Electrical Equipment

Recycle My Cell Program

  • Cell Phones/Smartphones

  • Rechargeable Cell Phone Batteries

  • Pagers

  • Accessories

Alberta Recycling Management Authority Recycling Program

Computer Circuit Board


Ask your pharmacy if they participate in the ENVIRx Program.


Polystyrene Foam Containers

Image by Caleb Lucas

Automotive Products

Alberta Recycling Management Authority Recycling Programs

Image by Imthaz Ahamed

City of Red Deer Programs


Glass Bottle/Jar Recycling*

Shingle & Drywall Recycling


*REMINDER: Glass containers cannot longer be recycled in your blue box!

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Household Hazardous Waste

Alberta Recycling Management Authority Recycling Program

Paint Cans

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags and cling wrap can be recycled at participating retail stores and made into new products. Red Deer Co-ops are one example of a participating business.

Learn what plastics can be recycled here.


Products Containing Mercury

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