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Our Projects

Green Deer Sustainability Hub is always looking to partner with more companies for projects. If you have an organization in mind, we'd love to hear it!

Cutting Fabric

Earth Warrior


Textile Donation

Earth Warrior is located in Edmonton. They collect textiles (old bedsheets, clothes, etc.) and turn them into products for their store thus partaking in the circular economy. Green Deer is collecting donations to deliver to Earth Warrior. More information on what is excepted can be found hereMessage us to arrange pick up of items or drop-off at 69 Ellenwood Drive, Red Deer.


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Zero Waste Drop-off Bins

Green Deer Sustainability Hub is partnering with TerraCycle to help you recycle products normally sent to the landfill. Click here to see what can be dropped-off at Green Deer Sustainability Hub. For a list of other drop-off locations in Red Deer, click here

For more recycling programs available in Alberta, click here.

Not sure what goes in your Green Cart? Click here for the comprehensive list.




We're always coming up with new ways to help the community! Check back later for an update!

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