Canada produces the most garbage per capita in the world, and in 2016, we averaged 688kg/year/person. Approximately 230kg of that waste comes from food packaging.

Don’t buy in.

  • Don’t upgrade your electronics if yours still work!

  • Buy used or refurbished before new!

  • Maintain the electronics you have by taking care of them.

  • Store data online.

  • Rent/borrow electronics instead of buying new.

  • Dispose of your e-waste at electronic recycling stations available in most cities.

Don’t buy in.

  • Buy local to reduce transportation impacts.

  • Grow foods on your own or at a community garden.

  • Choose your diet carefully, if you can.

  • Consider fresh foods to avoid extensive packaging and the energy use of processed foods.

  • Prepare meals on your own instead of buying prepped/cut/pre-made foods.

  • Eat less meat to reduce land use, air pollution, and water pollution.

  • Start a compost system! Organic materials that don’t breakdown in aerated environments (like a landfill) release methane gas. Methane gas is 25x more potent than carbon dioxide on a 25-year scale, and 80x more potent on a 100-year scale. Use for powerpoint


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