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Central Alberta Youth Council

Green Deer Sustainability Hub is looking to form a Youth Council for Central Alberta. The Youth Council will consist of 10 members that meet monthly to discuss issues within Central Alberta, determine events for the community, and other issues focused on sustainability. 

Benefits of joining the Central Alberta Youth Council:

  • Practice and acquire skills for a successful future.

  • Ownership and sense of responsibility for learning and learning environment.

  • Understanding of diverse opinions.

  • Dialogue and negotiation skills.

  • Greater understanding of governance.

  • Increased leadership ability.

  • Role in driving change.

  • New relationships with a diverse group of students and adults.

  • Improved critical thinking, knowledge application and problem solving skills.

  • Develop the skills to become effective participating citizens.

Future goals of the Youth Council include:

Successfully lobbying with the City of Red Deer to include the Youth Council in decisions/policies affecting youth and the environment.

Creating a voice for youth within Central Alberta.

Ability to make decisions for Green Deer Sustainability Hub regarding events, topics, etc.

Creating mentor/mentee relationships.

We are now accepting applications for the Youth Council. Application period begins March 31, 2022 and applications will be accepted throughout the year.


When applying, please mention how you meet the criteria:

  • Aged 12 - 24 can be on the Council. Applicants younger than 12 can participate in an unofficial capacity. Applicants 25+ can be involved in a mentorship capacity.

  • Live in Central Alberta. Students here on a temporary basis (college students, exchange students) can still be involved, but in an unofficial capacity.

  • Interest in the environment, sustainability, Indigenous stewardship, or something related.

  • We want this committee to be diverse! We welcome you to self identify but you are not obligated. Whether you choose to self identify or not will not affect your status.

  • Please include your pronouns when applying so we can correctly address you.

  • Have any ideas for the Youth Council? Feel free to include them!

  • This is a volunteer position. Meetings will be held monthly.


If you are interested and do not meet the criteria, apply anyways and we'll find an assisting role for you!

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